Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Google ads don't infringe trademarks: EU adviser

This interesting news item reported by the CBC indicates that a legal opinion obtained in the course of a European Union proceeding, stated that Google Inc. does not violate luxury goods makers' trademarks when it sells brand names as advertising keywords triggered by internet searches. How sweet it is. The $2500 purse lobby thinks that Google should police their valuable marks, i.e. determine whether a purse is a counterfeit or just your wife's out of style but genuine article.

I have seen these guys in action; they object when anybody except their own stores and their licensed dealers sell their purses, etc., even though this "grey market" is perfectly legal. We saw them try this in two court cases Canada with Seiko watches and with Toblerone chocolate bars for example...I have also seen them come down hard on mom and pop stores that have a few articles for sale but are not "authorized dealers", which you do not have to be to seel something in a free country...

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