Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Remember "Convergence"? It was the concept where all modes of communications were to become unified...., or alternatively, "media convergence is a concept in which old and new media intersect".

Well, nobody announced it, but we are already there and have been for some time....

I realized this when I heard that the police are being trained by consultants about how to use social networking utilities and sites to obtain evidence and investigate people, and related it to how anonymous bloggers and web site posters are being exposed by court orders.

So, there is no difference any longer between the "bricks and mortar" and "cyberspace"; they are both now part of the "real world". The same rules apply, the same laws apply, the same degree of anonymity or lack thereof applies - cyberspace has converged into the "real world". There was a time where many thought that the Internet was a safe haven. That time has long since passed.

A blogger has the same degree of free speech and anonymity (or lack thereof) as someone who posts an index card on a grocery store bullietin board....Welcome to the new Internet world, same as the old world.

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