Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Google Loses Domain Name Dispute

Just heard from the National Arbitration Forum that my clients won a great domain name dispute over GROOVLE.COM. Google had complained that my clients were "cybersquatters". The unanimous three distinguished three member panel disagreed. You can read the decision here.

Congrats to Groovle.com! This was one of those rare UDRP cases where the Panel didn't even have to consider the second and third prongs of the three-part UDRP test (legitimate interest and good faith registration and use). The Panel deserves a lot of credit here for being decisive in its appreciation for the substantial difference between Google and Groovle. As a UDRP lawyer, I can say that this was a real groovy case, and only the second case that Google ever lost; the first one was Froogle.com...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zak,
I definitely agree with the panelists. I believe that google failed to prove any part of the three part urdp test.The argument put forth by the complainant was ridiculous, using that logic any word that contains a G-O-L or E would be considered a mark infringement. Congratulations to Groovle and congratulations to you as well. Definitely an interesting case and a historic case as well.