Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is the New Blackberry Q10 Any Good?

As a domain name attorney on the go, I need the best communications device. I just got the white Blackberry Q10. Great keyboard, if a bit boring of an overall look.

Its going back to the store tomorrow.

While it is an improvement over my old BB Torch, there ARE NO APPS AVAILABLE THAT I NEED! No Ringcentral, No WebsiteAlive, No SPG, No Uber. So I got a great email device. Great.

I will go back to my old and slow BB Torch until the iPhone 6 comes out hopefully in 2014.

Blackberry is in worse trouble than I thought.


Carolyn S. said...


Sorry that our app is not available on the device. I've told our Product team about your request and will keep you updated if / when we do implement it.


Desiree @ RingCentral

Zak Muscovitch said...

Many thanks, Carolyn! I don't blame RingCentral at all...I blame Blackberry for this. The apps are not backwards compatible on the new devices with the new operating systems, I guess. I cant go without apps, so Blackberry gave me no choice. After a year of waiting for the new Blackberry, and like 13 years of Blackberry devices, the geniuses just created a NEW IPHONE customer. Congrats, guys.

Zak Muscovitch said...
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Greg Prosmushkin said...

Iphone is the best

Zak Muscovitch said...

Agreed. I just got the iphone 5 and I am simply amazed at what I was missing with both Android and BB. I do have real problems typing, but it is worth the tradeoff.